Mr Pond.
Trenzalore Theory.

Looking at the latest pics released from the BBC, Trenzalore looks like a planet of gravestones.

My theory is that it is a planet filled with gravestones with the name of every person who has died because of the Doctor.

My own theory gives me goosebumps.

Ahh :3

Oh, and the Doctor having Amy’s toy TARDIS was lovely.

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Guys, guys!

We’re half way out of the dark!

The Doctor still wears Amy’s glasses… AH!

The Doctor still wears Amy’s glasses… AH!

Muse should collaborate with Murray Gold to do the soundtrack for the 50th… Just saying.

TV Production- Doctor Who and Lord of the Rings.

So far my course has been epic.

Yesterday we analysed the direction in ‘The Power of Three’, and also talked about the relationship between the actors and the crew. It was great to analyse something I love, as it made it all much more interesting. My lecturer had also worked with Matt Smith, so that made things even better as he’s my favourite actor/Doctor… So it ended up with all us nerds (half the TV group) asking nerdy questions. But we were all depressed watching the Ponds for obvious reasons… Two of my course mates want to do a Pond night… I am in!

Today I just got back from a three hour editing session. Started with introducing us to a great programme and then we got the rushes for a scene from ‘The Fellowship of the Ring’ for us to edit. It was the scene when the fellowship assemble and we got to create our own version of the scene. Although mine was similar to the original, I had a lot more Gandalf… Making it better.

Two seminars left today and then a five day weekend… What do I do on those days!?

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Need to see this episode. Now.

Need to see this episode. Now.


AH! Best promo picture ever!

AH! Best promo picture ever!